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Main Line Camara Inspections


Main line inspection   

Structures are served by either a private onsite sewage system (septic tank and drain field), or are connected to a public sewage system. There are drain lines that connect the waste system within the home to the sewage system. Over the years, these lines are subject to a variety of conditions that may affect the waste drainage system of your home. Damage or blockage can occur as the result of construction debris, pests, physical damage, age and as common in this area, tree roots.

Even newer materials can be installed improperly or damaged during construction.

Kern River Home Inspections offers sewer camera inspections.  The inspector will run a camera down the line.  The entire process is recorded with a mounted video camera. The video is provided to the buyer via email after the inspection is completed. 

This service is limited to structures with 3in or larger cleanouts.

If completed at the same time as a general inspection, this service is offered at a discounted price of just $150.00

Stand alone main line inspections are available.  The price for a stand alone sewer camera inspection is $275.00

  Sewer Camera Inspections
Picture above:  Missing insulation in exterior wall discovered with thermal imaging



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