Well inspections and water sampling   

Kern River Home Inspections offers well inspections.  If you are buying a home that is serviced by a private well, we will inspect the above gound visible components for condition, complete a basic flow test, and perform water sampling and transport samples to a certified lab for testing.  A full report will be compiled and provided to the buyer or client.

 Save $75.00 if completed at the same time as a general inspection
Stand alone well inspections are available.  The price for a stand alone well inspection with basic bacteria water testing is $450.00

Stand alone water sampling is available. Pricing depend on location and what tests are requrested.


Note:  A basic yield test or flow test is not necessarily indicative of how the well will perform long term; it is only to be used as a guide as to how much water the well may yield. This is because it is a snapshot of the well, not a long range test. There are many variables, such as the amount of rainfall the area has recently received, the level of the water table at that time, the type of aquifer, and the specific usage or demands on the well. The flow test does not represent actual recovery in the well and may only reflect adequate storage in the well at the time of testing. This test represents conditions and data collected on the day of testing. If more extensive testing is needed, such as a true yield test where static, drawdown and recovery rates are determined, you should contact a licensed well contractor.