Tankless Water Heaters

Most homes in Bakersfield have a standard water heater consists of the regular large cylindrical storage tank. Controlled by an electrical thermostat, cold water is heated by electrical elements or a gas-fired burner located inside the tank. Heaters with tanks are affordable, readily available and easy to install though it has a few disadvantages.
People of Kern County will probably agree that the biggest drawback in using a tank-style water heater is that the heater is working and using energy regardless if you are using hot water or not. Also, there is limitesupply, hence, it struggles to supply enough hot water if there are multiple users at a time. Another drawback is it usually takes a bit of space if you use a large storage tank and that could be a problem for houses that are not spacious enough.
On the other hand, the water heater shuts down as soon as the hot water tap is turned off when youre using a tankless water heater. Since there is no need to store water, tankless water heaters only heats water when you need it to. It is so much energy and cost-efficient especially for big families in Kern county who would often need hot water primarily for bathing. Also, tanklesswater heaters are compact and space-saving. You dont even need to maintain a storage tank. Not even half of the population of Bakersfield is aware of this fact -- but tankless heaters have service life twice as long as the standard water heaters!
Though you should know that tankless water heaters are more expensive and it costs more to have it installed and are also costlier to repair but despite these downsides, Kern River Home Inspections believes that it is the most energy-efficient and the smartest way to produce hot water.
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