Homeowners in most parts of Kern county, especially in Bakersfied, use a generator to supply electricity to their home in case of a power outage. Kern River Home Inspections make it a point that we check for potential hazards involving home generators.
There are two types of generators—Standby and portable.
Standby generators remain fixed outside the home and work with a manual or automatic transfer switch which automatically detects interruption in power supply. The transfer switch will stop input of electricity the moment it senses that supply has resumed.
A qualified technician and a permit is needed to install standby generators. This type of generator may be relatively expensive than the other type.They maybe turned on manually but can also be programmed to switch on automatically. Power supply can be maintained for long periods of time even for hard-wired systems. A routine maintenance is always advisable to keep the unit at its best condition.
Furthermore, portable generators are highly versatile. They may be used at home and be brought to remote locations, hence, does not require installation. Since they are less expensive than standby generators,they are relatively smaller in size and have lesser power capacity. It wont be able to power your homes hard-wired electrical system, thus, this type is not popular to the people in Bakersfield.
There are some downsides in having a generator at home, may it be a standby or a portable one. These things emit carbon monoxide which is very dangerous to your health. Generators, especially those that arpowered by gasoline are highly flammable. It can cause fire in case ooverloading. Rest assured, Kern River Home Inspections will include your generators during the thorough general inspection to eliminate the possibility of your family being exposed to the risk of electrical shock and any dangerouback feed due to faulty installation.
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