Hantavirus is no longer a stranger to the people of Bakersfield. Thoughsome people are not aware of this pathogen and it’s causes, it is better to learn how to keep your familysafe from this deadly virus.
Hantavirus causes a rare deadlydisease known as HPS or Hantavirus Cardiopulmonary Syndrome. There are several forms of this virus, most of which are not a threat, but a fraction of these viruses can be pretty fatal.
Hantavirus’ primary mode of contact is inhalation which is scary because this virus is present in rodent’s feces, urine and saliva that is common in homes. Ordinarily, rodents are attracted to spaces that are most undisturbed by humans. Hence, a crawlspace is the most common area where this virus is encountered. Also, homes that have been vacant for long periods of time are most likely to have hantavirus contamination because of heavy rodent infestations. A lot of houses in Kern County that are of an older model and are most likely to have these.
Kern River Home Inspections took a closer look at what should be expected from this harmful virus:
Hantavirus can be transmitted to a person when fresh rodent droppings and urine are
disturbed. The transmission occur when the aerosolized droplets of Hantavirus are inhaled. It can also be transmitted if you touch your nose or mouth after touching anything contaminated by the virus, eating food contaminated by rodents and if you are bitten by an infected rodent. The virus can rapidly spread in areas that lack sunlight but it cannot be transferred from one human to another.
Symptoms of HPS may include but not limited to fever, fatigue, muscle pain, diarrhea, abdominal pain, dizziness and chills. After a couple of days, the infected person may find it hard to breathe as their lungs are starting to fill with fluid. Coughing is one of the mostcommon symptoms of the later stages.
Kern River Home Inspections makes sure that we protect our clients from these kinds of harmful viruses. Having killed 30-40% of the people infected, this virus is really something worth looking into, especially for the people of Bakersfield.
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