A sauna is a small room designed to increase body temperature through heat and humidity. People of Bakersfield use them therapeutically as the heat make a giant contribution to the bodys relaxation.
There are two different styles of saunas— conventional and infrared saunas.
Conventional saunas warm the air while infrared saunas directly warm the occupants andother objects. In California, sauna facilities are normally provided at hotels and health clubs but it is also present within a number of homes in Kern county. Kern River Home Inspections makes sure that saunas are of highest quality to assure that it will not only offer the people of Kern maximum health benefits, but that it should stand the test of time.
The most important features of saunas that should be checked are as follows:
1. Ventilation - It seems to be the most overlooked feature of a sauna. While a sauna usually vents outside the building, this is not required for residential saunas. There should be an upper and lower vent to take care of the proper air exchange. This is essential so bacteria and fungi do not grow as fast and destroy wood grain.
2. Wood type - We highly recommend using wood like Aspen and Spruce. These kinds of wood are considered the most non-allergenic wood which means more people can enjoy
the sauna without irritating most respiratory condition. Also, as what we always advise
sauna owners in Bakersfield, the woods must be able to breathe, therefore, you should not use sealants and coatings that might break down and release harmful gases.
Benches and brackets should be made with lumber free of knots. Metal screwheads
should not be exposed as it conducts heat and could burn bare skin.
3. Doors - They should be sealed and insulated. It should not be equipped with a latch so a user should be able to push his way out easily in case he or she is in distress.
4. Electrical Wirings should be ableto withstand moisture and high temperatures.
5. Floor should not be made out of carpet since its a fire-hazard and can also deteriorate
from the heat. Concrete floor and tiles are highly recommended! 
A sauna can be a nice addition to your wonderful home. It is proven to relieve stress, burn calories and improve cadiovascular performance of your family. Kern River Home Inspections suggests that it is best to have it regularly inspected to check if there are some factors that can cause your family harm.
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