Carpeted Bathrooms

Carpeted bathrooms is an ongoing trend in some areas of Kern County. While some people like to think that carpets belong in the bedroom, some find comfort,security and style by installing wall-to-wall carpets on their bathroom floors
instead of the usual vinyl or tiles. Carpets are way easier to install than tiles and other concrete materials usually used for floorings (vinyl,wood, etc)
For peopleof Bakersfield and other neighboring cities, warmth must rate as thenumber one pro in having a carpeted bathroom. People enjoy the comfort it giveswhen you step out of the shower especially in a cold morning. Even during pre-shower, carpets feel great in comparison to the feeling of cold hard tile.
Since a lot of fatal accidents occur in bathrooms, Kern River Home Inspectionsalso sees installing these as a way to minimize potential harm especially to children and elderlies who could slip and go out of balance on slippery concrete floorings and/or rugs. Another reason for most of the homes in Bakersfield toinstall carpets on their bathroom floors is it adds a touch of style especially when their bathroom is larger than the average. It can help homes to appear nicer, inviting and more luxurious as long as it is not wet and straggly.
The wet factor though may rank as the number one con in installing these beauties in your bathroom. Damp carpet obviously promotes bacteria growth that would lead to rapid deterioration of bathroom soft furnishings. Moisture is the
number one enemy of a carpeted bathroom; hence, you need to pick out a material that would dry out easily.
Carpets need maintenance, just like any flooring. When spills and overflows happen, you need to take care of the extra moisture to prevent mildew. Mold in the house can cause several respiratory ailments especially to those with health problems. If this is the case in your home, Kern River Home Inspections (and other inspectors in your area) has a special moisture meter to determine if there is excessive moisture beneath your carpet.
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