Deck Safety

Having a deck is, without a doubt, an excellent focal point in every outdoor space. It does not only add value and beauty to your home, but it also serves as a great entertaining space for gatherings and parties, as well as a space for some relaxation. On the other hand, decks are not exempt from deterioration and defects. Decks are exposed to various weather conditions all year round, so it is very important for it to be included in a home inspection. Even decks that appear to be in excellent condition may have defects that can cause their collapse, leading to accidents and injuries. In 2015, 8 university students in Ohio were injured when a second-floor deck collapsed while they were having a get-together celebration, while 24 people of an extended family were injured when they fell about 10 feet to the ground from a collapsed deck as they posed for a photo at a North Carolina beachfront home, also of the same year.

The great news is that, homeowners from Kern County, especially in Ridgecrest, Bakersfield, Tehachapi, and Kern River Valley are in good hands knowing that you can certainly count on Certified Deck Inspectors on a top home inspection company like Kern River Home Inspections to have your decks inspected, if possible, on a yearly basis. Before you consider inviting your friends and neighbors for a barbecue, Kern River Home Inspections would like to give you some of the warning signs for you to determine whether or not your existing deck needs to be further inspected.

These are just some of the basic areas of inspection. For a complete check of your deck, a professional deck inspection is yours for the taking! You can contact the best home inspector in Kern River Home Inspections TODAY at or you can call or text 661-205-9172.


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