11th Month Warranty Inspection

We can all agree that building a home is in everyone’s bucket list. Most of you probably have spent a couple of years, for some, their entire childhood, thinking about how your dream home would look like. As exciting and fulfilling as it is, it is also very important to protect your dream home without costing you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in repairs caused by faulty construction or poor craftsmanship.

What most homeowners of newly-constructed homes don’t know is that their homes are covered with a one-year home warranty that’s either backed by the builder or purchased by the builder from independent companies that assume responsibility of certain claims. The builder’s warranty practically covers material and workmanship issues. Most homeowners may think that a newly-built home is a perfect home, but even with new homes, things can go wrong. That’s where we come into play.

Kern River Home Inspections offers 11th Month Warranty Inspection to areas in Kern River County, especially in Bakersfield, Ridgecrest, Tehachapi and Kern River Valley. Homeowners can absolutely benefit from using a professional home inspection before the builder’s warranty expires. The primary goal of this service is to identify obvious and hidden defects in your home and to help our clients in preventing substantial damages and the possibility of future costly repairs. With the top home inspection company like Kern River Home Inspections, our experienced home inspectors will inspect your home meticulously, giving you a comprehensive report with photos and a list of recommended repairs as well as information on any defects observed at the time of the inspection, ready for presentation to your builder during the warranty period.

Don’t let that one-year mark go by without a full evaluation while you are still under warranty. Contact Kern River Home Inspections TODAY at bakersfieldinspections.com or you can call or text 661-205- 9172.


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