Child-proofing your stairs

As falls being the leading cause of injuries for children, it is important to learn how to prevent this especially in your homes. Kern River Home Inspections believes that the most important area to childproof at home is staircases.  Standards have changed over time, and many older homes in older neighborhoods like central Bakersfield, Oildale, and Taft, it is common to see hazardous conditions.  But even in newer homes, staircases can be dangerous for unattended children.


Falling down the stairs can be extremely hazardous for children, especially toddlers who are just learning how to walk and navigate. As kids, they see landings and stairs as exciting and fun. The best way to eliminate falls and injuries is to install safety gates.


Safety gates are temporary gates installed through your main door, doors between rooms or a stairway to basically not allow children to pass through.


There are hundreds of safety gates designed to keep your children safe. Some safety gates are made out of steel, others are made out of wood. There are safety gates installed only by pressure against the walls and doorways and there are others needed to be attached with screws which are usually for large areas. If you have infants who are in the phase where they love to climb, we encourage you to get a safety gate as tall as possible. This hampers your children from climbing over the gate by making a makeshift ladder using boxes, pillows, or toys. Make sure you research which one best suits you and your lifestyle.


Nevertheless, it is essential to install these on areas where you want to limit your children from having access to.


At Kern River Home Inspections,  we point out common hazards and make buyers aware of the newer practices that can help keep your family safe.


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